About us

Since the company’s inception in mid 2010s, MAXENERGY has already become one of the major oil trading houses in the region. Much of MAXENERGY's success can be put down to our adherence to a powerful and effective work ethic. In such a fast paced and aggressive trading environment, we strive to operate in a diligent, calm and unflustered manner, such that all decisions made are carefully thought through and justified, as opposed to solely reactionary. Within just four years of the company’s trading activity, we currently operate successfully in the Gulf, East Africa, South East Asia, and China. With tried and tested operating models, our availability and a proven track record in the market, we now have a tremendous incentive to extend our reach across the globe.

In order to achieve MAXENERGY's mission, we constantly and consistently strive to deliver on our promises in a timely and “as promised” manner. We have already built a strong reputation for reliability through our drive to make a noticeable difference in the trading environment to meet the ever-changing market needs.

Storing, blending and delivering of oil are our core activities which support our long-term commitment to become a trustful party in the market. We already have an established reputation in the shipping market for chartering multiple vessel types and storing oil products in large size terminals to ensure the safe and on-time delivery of all our shipments.

MAXENERGY understands the volatility of the oil market prices better than most, which is why we have an in-house Risk Management team dedicated to hedge against price fluctuations and mitigate risks of unexpected developments. We have achieved to the current success relying on core competencies which are:
• Shipping fleets includes fifteen vessels
• 400,000 cubic meters' storage terminals
• Two decades of vast experiences in trading, shipping, and risk management
• A long-term relationship and a reliable network in supply chain
• Presence in the international and regional markets such as the Gulf, East Africa, South East Asia, and China

We provide awesomness!

Our Core Values

Our competitive value is directly linked to our four key values which are creativity, company culture, commitment and our people. These values reflect what we believe in and how we are inspired to achieve sustainable long-term success.


We permanently strive to find creative solutions for the challenges we face on a daily basis. We believe that creativity offers solutions and adds value to the services we deliver to our customers. Creativity combined with innovation opens new horizons to existing solutions and invent new approaches that were not previously available.

Our culture

At the heart of our flourishing business we have created a culture of teamwork, mutual respect, innovative thinking, and integrity. We acknowledge integrity as a key to foster our long-term stability. We constantly push ourselves beyond our boundaries through perpetual learning, challenging ourselves and finding innovative solutions by practicing teamwork with the highest ethical standard.


We are highly dedicated to what we are committed to our customers and partners. We do our best practices for undertaken responsibility to deliver the excellent services and find the optimal solutions for our clients.


As a growing company with offices around the world, our professional staff come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. We recognize that our people are the most valuable asset. These diversities have brought us creativity, innovation, strength and capability, reflected in our current success.

Our Responsibility

MAXENERGY operates under a dual responsibility policy. The commercial responsibility is to our clients ensuring that we deliver exactly what is required at the precise time it is needed. This involves diligent management skills which cover price exposures, associated business risks, sourcing reliable resources, storage and handling of petroleum products, product blending and delivery.

The social responsibility relates to positive impact on the quality of the life in the regions such as improvement in financial conditions and removing barriers of access to facilities due to distance. we are working with through primarily hiring expert people and collaborating mostly local suppliers, which significantly enhances the employment and strengthens the infrastructure and economy of the regions.


Constructing a sustainable business is the integral part of our commitment and is a key to long-term success. We are looking to find the best way to invest in the oil and petroleum products market to build a better future for all. We use our expertise combined with strategic planning to connect producers and suppliers with the consumers and end-users to make steady and sustainable economic growth in our region.

Having responsible management that believes in consistency and integrity with inspired and talented employees drive our ambitious company to explore better opportunities for sustainability.
We essentially have concentrated on supply chain improvement. We believe that sustainable investment in supply chain guarantees to source, blend and deliver high-quality products tailored to specification required by our customers, which consequently leads to economic growth, develops better infrastructure, and impacts positively on social well being and a cleaner environment.