Risk Management
March 17, 2020
Our Suppliers
May 6, 2020

One of the most dynamic energy related companies in the region providing a diverse range of oil products and offering sophisticated logistic services to our clients in the Gulf region, East Africa, South East Asia, and China.

Our team consists of young, highly skilled professionals capable of working in the fast paced and aggressive trading environment. This being our key asset which distinguishes us from our competitors.

With full understanding of risk exposure in trading oil products due to the volatile nature of the market, we have dedicated a team of experienced traders to analyze market conditions and take the required actions such as hedging against price fluctuations to mitigate possible risks.

Our core activities include sourcing, storing, blending, and delivery of our products in a timely manner to our clients. It is our intention to be world-renowned by establishing long term relationships with our clients and suppliers built on efficiency and trust.