Why choose us
February 25, 2020
Risk Management
March 17, 2020

Our philosophy is the success of our company is determined by the employees who are motivated to strive unceasingly for the long-term success of the business, enhancing management quality, stability and sustainability of business through innovative ideas, and solid collaboration with our alliances and suppliers to satisfy the demands of our customers for every possible quantity with prudent risk management.

Our success is tied to expansion and improvement of our services. Therefore, we have allocated a major portion of our profits to extend our infrastructures including storage terminals and logistics to reach our 2022 vision, which is being one of the major players of the market.

We have designed our business model with considering long-term insight, thus; we are able to control in the proper manner, exposed risk to the business even in very volatile market conditions.

Sourcing, storing, blending, and delivering are the four major services, considered in our business model.

  • Sourcing

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy all customers. Therefore, we are committed to sourcing our customers’ orders from the most reliable and sustainable resources.

  • Storing

We store oil products in our tanks located in specified terminals in the closest proximity to our customers. Currently, our terminals have a capacity to store up to 400,000 cubic meters to ensure safe and timely delivery.

  • Blending

We value our customers and their satisfaction. In order to meet targeted customer’s specification, we blend different crude oil qualities to reach demanded viscosity and density in a cost-effective manner.

  • Delivery

Shipping is well established in our business model. Our managed fleet mainly consists of Aframaxes, LRs and MRs to enable us to deliver oil and petroleum products continuously in a safe and timely manner.

How we do it?

We provide our customers’ needs from reliable suppliers with the highest possible quality in accordance to demanded specification, and consistently strive to deliver the cargo through our managed fleet at the promised place on-time.